Miss Janna creates beautiful sustainable swimwear focusing on how women should feel in their swimwear – confident and good looking. We asked our customers what they wanted from their swimwear and came up with a line based on the needs of women. Unlike many other brands our design accentuates the body’s natural beauty rather than exposing it.

“In the last 37 years, this is the first time I’ve felt comfortable wearing a bikini on the beach”
-Anna Ståhl, customer

We offer practical swimwear based on timeless designs that are flattering in fit and won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable. To ensure that your Miss Janna swimwear can be used for many years to come, we use only the highest quality fabric available, even twice as durable as competitive fabrics. The best part besides being absolutely gorgeous – it’s all made from recycled nylon.

Soon you’ll find all of our current and new swimwear here!
Why don’t you check out our store in the meantime?

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