As a fully Sustainable brand we take environmental aspects seriously. We know all production requires resources in the making of new thing. That is why we only use 100% recycled nylon in the production of our swimwear. Saving the planet by avoiding the use of new fossil resources while reducing existing waste piles, keeping our oceans and nature cleaner from plastic in the process sounds like a win-win to us!

Did you know it takes 600 years to biodegrade one singel fishing line? Our materials comes from plastic that have ended it’s existing life from all over the world. A great deal comes from the fishing industry as discarded fishing nets. Some are cleaned out from the ocean by the Healthy Seas Initiative so they won’t keep catching animals and hurt the environment for hundred of years to come.

We are proud users of Econyl® a yarn that is made of 100% regenerated nylon.

Our fabric is twice as durable as competitive fabrics due to the unique properties given when been processed once more in the regeneration process. This means our swimwear will actually last longer because they are made of recycled material!
There really is no reason for not using recycled nylon when coming to swimwear. Let’s all make that change and do something useful of all the plastic laying around and not buy things produced with new virgin plastic.