About us

What makes Miss Janna so unique is that we didn't start as a brand that wanted to make swimwear. We are brand who saw a big flaw in the industry not making swimwear that was appealing to women. So we fixed that!

The biggest issue was not feeling comfortable in swimwear. Most pices either focus on getting as much sun as possible, revealing it all or to cover as much as possible.

We wanted swimwear to feel good in. That would give us the confidence to go to the beach and take out the stress of wearing swimwear. So we invented pieces that are flattering, but not too revealing, and most of all comfortable to wear. 

By coming from an tailoring background the perfect fit was something we worked hard on from the start. Not knowing how others make swimwear has been an great advantage since we have come up with soulutions that take the consideration of the wearer in first hand instead of focusing on the traditional methods of making swimwear. For exampel our swimsuits don't make you feel squished because the lengt is adjusted so that you can stand tall without the swimsuit pulling at you - a coment we hear a lot. 

We always focus on our costumers taking in their feedback. We make swimwear for the women who wear them - that's why our marketing is aimed at them and not to please others who look at women in swimwear. We use different body types because it is important to portrait all wearers, not just a small selection.

It all started 2010 when Janna made her very own swimsuit to wear herself. 

-I couldn't find a swimsuit I felt great in. I was to go to a party with the theam O'hoy sailor so I wanted to have a knock out swimsuit. I did some research and found that the 50's asthetic was very appealing with the cuts that accentuates the  body but still with good covereage to not feel exposed in at the party.

I found some printed fabrics from the US and since shipping from there to Sweden is expensive I bought several prints which made me end up with a lot of swimwear. What would I do with it? I arranged a photo shoot and uploaded the pictures to my website. A store contacted me and wanted to sell them and it all picked up from there. Slowly growing into the brand it is today.