Navy simple bikini top
Navy simple bikini top
Navy simple bikini top
Navy simple bikini top

Navy simple bikini top

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It may be called the simple bikini top but really it has great technique behind it. Its classic look will always make you look like a star. Made from strong but yet the softest fabric ever made for swimwear. It even has an inner support layer to keep everything in place. Pockets for inserts are in place if you would like to add some.


100% Recycled nylon in a mix of 78% Recycled Polyamide 22% Elastane.


We produce these gorgeous swimwear from a new modern regenerated fabric consisting from a 100% recycled nylon fiber. It is made from pre- and post-consumer waste, such as fishing nets recovered by the Healthy Seas initiative. Not only does this fabric reduce waste piles, it also saves planetary resources as it needs no new raw material. As a bonus it is also twice as durable as other competitive fabrics from likewise composition meaning it will last longer. Like magic but not, just very clever.

Care instructions

This swimsuit may look like it's straight from the 40's but it's made of a hyper modern swimsuit fabric. Meaning it dries fast, is stretchy and made for swimming and then be tossed in a washing machine if you like at 40 and hung to dry after. However all plastic based clothes have break offs that leaks out in to our rivers and oceans. That is why we highly recommend all synthetic clothes to be washed in a Guppyfriend washing bag that stops micro plastics from getting loose.

Fabric Features

- Shape retention
- Soft and smooth
- Excellent coverage (absolutely non see-through)
- Double resistance to fibre breakage compared to usual swimming suits
- UPF 50+ UV protection factor
- Sun creams & oils resistant
- Ultra chlorine resistant
- Recycled fabric
- Made within Europe
When using size chart start with hip(largest part of bottom), bust and last waist.
Look straight, not down on the measuring tape to get accurate measurements.

Size Bust cm Waist cm Hip cm
34 80 64 88
36 85 68 93
38 89 72 98
40 93,5 76 102
42 97 81 107
44 101 88 112
46 105 95 117
48 110 100 122
50 116 110 127

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ellen Scheen
Sitter som et skudd!

Veldig fin bikinitopp, sitter veldig fint på :) Føles som et solliv og ikke bikinitopp, egentlig, som gjør at jeg føler meg mer "kledd". Eneste overraskelsen var at jeg måtte betale toll for å få den inn til Norge ... Da ble den litt dyr

Johanna B
Så snyggt

För första gången på länge jag känt mig snygg i bikini! Sitter som en smäck och toppen att leka i med barnen! Rekommenderas till fullo 👍🏻

Snygg bikinitopp

Fin bikinitopp men med min kroppstyp hade ett knytband eller reglerbart spänne i ryggen varit att efterfråga. Jag har förstått av tidigare recensioner att detta väljs bort pga skönare utan men för mig som inte ligger raklång på rygg i min bikini hade det varit att föredra att kunna spänna åt lite :)
I övrigt jättefin och fem plus på allt!

Sara Johansson

Superfin bikiniöverdel, mjuk följsam och sitter uppe bra med det extra resårbandet även för mig med stor byst utan att banden tynger ner i nacken

Josefine Davén
The most comfy and beautiful bikini top!

I love it, because the bikini top stays in place and I feel comfortable and beautiful in it.